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Drop in Oil Prices not Reflected in Ticket Prices in Georgia

Despite the fact that oil prices and with them fuel are getting cheaper in Georgia, the airlines operating in the country have  not yet revised the airfare.
Amiran Abesadze, a representative of the Yanair airline  in Georgia, states  “Commersant” that the decline in the share of aviation fuel in the cost of tickets should be expected  approximately in April.

“Now there is an off-season for air carriers, so at this point prices can’t be reduced. However, I can say that in any case the price reduction will not be so radical, and most likely will not exceed 10%,”- he says.

Airzena airline company claims that the company is now in crisis and cannot afford to lower prices for tickets.

“In addition, the sharp decline in international prices for fuel is not adequately reflected in Georgia, and in any case we have to buy more expensive jet fuel than in other countries. I cannot say how much a decrease in international oil prices will be reflected in the cost of tickets. The fact is that SOCAR supplies us with aviation fuel at a price that is higher than in most countries. Therefore, the fuel component in the total cost of tickets in Georgia is quite adequate to the price at which we buy it now, “- Iase Zautashvili, the company’s CEO, notes.

In addition, he adds that  the problem is complicated by the entry of Russian airlines operating at dumping prices.

In the “Turkish Airlines” claim that the ticket prices have already dropped  due to the winter season.

“We fly in 264 directions, and the price of fuel is most strongly affects the long-haul flights. But prices are set by the central office and not local,”- say in the company.