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David Yakobashvili: “I Have no Prejudice against Rosneft”

Russian businessman David Yakobashvili told the newspaper “Vedomosti” that the deal between Petrocas Energy belonging to him and “Rosneft” was a normal business decision, and he has no prejudices against this company.
He declined to comment on the information about $ 300 received from  the sale of 49% stake in Petrocas Energy, which is engaged in the oil business in Georgia and owns a network of “GULF” filling stations in the country.

According to him, “Rosneft” does not intend to increase its share in the Georgian company.

Moreover, here they insist on a minority share. Because they do not know the region, are not present there, but want to expand. And we know the region; we know how to develop our business there. The region is small, our Gulf filling stations operate there along with  “Lukoil”,  “Wissol”  while “Rosneft ”  is not present on the market,” – David Yakobashvili notes.

In his words, the transaction took place by mutual consent, as “Rosneft” is interested to present in the Black Sea due to the Tuapse refinery, Azerbaijan, Armenia, access to the markets of Turkey, Bulgaria, etc.

“We are good players in the region in terms of volume as well; it was interesting to collaborate with us. First they offered to buy 25%, and then – 49%. Controlling stake remained with us. After all, we manage the business, know the specifics of the region, we have many plans for the development of trade in the Middle East countries and so on. We have a lot of resources and a lot of energy. Again, there is a desire to make a road through Russia, Dagestan and part of Azerbaijan, because the main streams are located just there, – ” the businessman notes.