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Construction of First Olive Processing Plant Underway in Georgia

“Geo- Live” company is building  the first  olive processing plant in Georgia. All necessarily equipment has already been  ordered in Europea. Construction of the  building has commenced.

According to George Svanidze, “Geo- Live” founder,  Georgia’s first olive processing plant will be completed by the end of 2015, and the company will spend GEL 1 million for this purpose. The company will employ  approximately 20-25 people. Italian specialists will assist the Georgian specialists in the initial stage.

In Svanidze’s words, in Georgia the land is ideal for olives cultivation, all equipment will be of the   European quality. Therefore, the plant will produce high-quality products and compete with imported olives.

Due to the strengthening  dollar,  transportation costs  for imported products will increase that puts local production  in an advantageous position with regard to prices. It should be noted that last January   olives price soared 30 percent due to poor harvests in the world that could arouse  interest of Georgian businessmen in olive business.

“Geolive” is engaged in olive business in Georgia for several years. Last year “Geo Live” produced  10 tons of olives despite the bad weather. The company has planted olives in 300 hectares and is going to expand in the future. George Svanidze notes  that in the initial stage olive oil and olives produced in Georgia will be sold on the local market, and then are planned to  be exported to Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Armenia, etc.