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Chinese E-Commerce Company Jumor to Enter Georgia

Chinese corporation Jumor plans to enter Georgian market. Jumor is the world’s   number one international e-commerce platform E4B (ecosystem for business) that unites e-commerce and business offer for business.

At the meeting with Georgian Finance Minister Dimitri Kumsishvili, Lu Honshan, the corporation chairman and president, expressed readiness to launch business activities in Georgia.

Georgia-China trade-commercial ties are being developed in intense regime and this factor creates favorable conditions for our business relations, Honshan noted.

Jumor will drive not only Georgia-China relations, but enable Georgian entrepreneurs to have joint platform for establishing relations with international business and develop business relations, including with business circles of One Belt- One Road countries.

Kumsishvili noted that this deal will be very important for domestic private sector to export products and services to international markets, to find business partners. In this way the whole world will see what we have and what products we can sell from Georgia.

Chinese Corporation cooperates with 126 countries worldwide, including with G20 countries and One Belt – One Road countries. The platform’s annual turnover will exceed 800 billion USD in 2017.

Dimitri Kumsishvili and Lu Honshan met  at an international forum One Belt – One Road in Beijing.