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Chain of Supermarkets Fresco Puts an Ultimatum to Importers

The supermarket chain Fresco sent an appeal to the partners from among the importers.

According to  the network’s  Director Ia Saneblidze, it requires to  relatively lower prices in the case of stabilization of the national currency, otherwise, the company will cease cooperation with importers that will leave rates unchanged.
“Our goal is to prevent the artificial rise in prices in the country” – she says.

Marketing manager of the supermarket chain Spar – GeorgiaOtar Shamugia says that currently the GEL devaluation affected about 30% of the products, which rose by about 5-10%.

“We have so far managed to keep prices – it was the result of a compromise between importers and trade sphere. If GEL stabilizes, and even more if it  strengthens, the prices which have already grown will fall, “- he notes.

At this stage there is no information on whether the hypermarket chain Carrefour plans to join Fresco’s   initiative.

The management of the  network  says nothing concrete so far  noting that  Carrefour has been working in Georgia for 2 years and sells products of the highest quality at the lowest price.

For us the most important  is to create maximum comfort for consumers that primarily involves low rates in Tbilisi and at the same time  a cozy environment and a wide range. In addition, we constantly offer our customers discounts. Despite the fact that  price increase is expected together with the devaluation of the GEL, at this stage Carrefour prices remain unchanged, and we are trying to preserve the  prices, “- say in the Carrefour .