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How Much Do Business Degrees Cost in Georgia?

In 2014, Georgian American University became the winner of Harvard Business Case Competition that was held in Georgia for the first time. Year after year business education becomes more and more popular and currently is one of the most requested and prestigious professional degrees. Business Week set out to find out how much it costs to get business education at the leading universities of Georgia.

Georgian American University (GAU) is one of the leaders in the sector of business education. According to the University’s website, the tuition fee is 5900 Lari annually. During the course of study, GAU offers special benefits and scholarships for its students.
Based on cumulative grades, calculated by the end of each regular semester, it awards scholarships, which apply to the forthcoming semester’s tuition fee. The Bachelor’s students are ranked on the scale of I, II, III and IV places. In accordance with grades and credits accumulated during the term, and for the following term is funded: I place – 100%, II place – 50%, III place – 25%, IV place – 10%.
In addition, GAU offers tuition discounts to students who are immediate family members (siblings, spouses, etc.) of GAU students. Upon enrollment they receive a 20% tuition discount. GAU’s graduates also have a unique opportunity to gain free MBA and PhD at U.S. universities.
Free University of Tbilisi is another popular university in Georgia with quality program in business education. The European School of Management (ESM) is the most expensive program in the University; its fee is 7850 Lari a year, against the 6950 Lari for other programs. But it is worth to mention that since 2014 in collaboration with the Knowledge Foundation they provide 2900 Lari discount for every student, so the real fee for studying at ESM is 4950 Lari annually.
This price is valid if a student is not able to get the state grant. According to the current legislation on grants, depending on the score obtained in the Unified State Exam, an applicant can get 100, 70, and 50% of funding from the government. In addition, Free University of Tbilisi has additional grants for the best students. So, with excellent performance one can get an education in the business field completely free of charge.
Caucasus School of Business (CSB) has a similar program. Annual education fee is 7590 Lari, but the University has 2900 Lari discount for the best applicants, as well as a state grant system. As a result, the fee can be reduced to 2390 Lari annually. The University at the end of each academic year, in accordance with the rating of students, also provides grants: I place – 100%, II place – 50%, III place – 30%.
In contrast to these three leading private universities, Tbilisi State University (TSU) is the only leading state university in the field of business education and as a result is the most affordable one. Annual fee for any program is the minimum price that Georgian government set for the high education – 2250 Lari. That means that with excellent results in the Unified State Exam you can study there free of charge.
It is worth to note that with the grant’s flexible systems that provide private universities and with affordable prices in state institutions, it is a quite feasible task to get a good business education in Georgia.

By Eka Karsaulidze