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Bureaucratic Details Generate Much Discomfort in Working Process

Natia Ghlonti, the Beeline PR Manager, reveals her experiences as a top PR manager. Ghlonti allows a peak into her personal experiences that led her to success. She reveals her secrets to overcoming hardships at the workplace, offers constructive advice for achieving success and the discomforts of troublesome bureaucracy.   

Who are you by profession?

I hold a MA degree in PR Communications. Over the past years, I have been working in the field of communications. I started working when I turned 17. I found my first job place at a Georgian Forecast company where my duty was to organize various events. Later, I worked as a freelance reporter and, briefly, I shifted my efforts into the PR field.

 Current job place and position?

I have been working in the telecommunications field for 6 years and, today, I am PR manager for the Beeline company.

Your first success?

I won an award at a musical contest when I was 6 years old. I was very happy because I had won the competition among higher-grade pupils. This was my first achievement after my hardwork and training. Success achieved in this way makes a person the happiest!

 Affairs, project you are proud of today?

Making a documentary on Ioseb Grishashvili was my first, and the favorite, project implemented as part of the Old Tbilisi Literary Bohema project in 2005.

Naturally, there are many research works, books, films and works about Ioseb Grishashvili. However, I think our project has introduced entirely different aspects of this poet to our society.

 Field, where you would never work?

I would not work in the IT field. My character and career experience would not enable me to work with codes and scripts.

 What makes a person successful in your profession? Are special features required, besides knowledge?

 I would name the following aspects as necessary preconditions for success:

  • Be Engaged and Committed
  • Make Enough Mistakes to Succeed.
  • Return Phone Calls. Fast.
  • Be Happy for Everyone.

 Is PR art perceived and understood in Georgia in its classical nature and essence?

Previously, PR was perceived only as an instrument for media relations. Today, in the age of new technologies and innovations development, where traditional media loses earlier positions, approaches and considerations over PR functions are entirely revised. This process is happening in Georgia and all over the world.

How simply do you manage to resolve crisis situations and take decision? Do similar cases affect quality of business?

Support of working team is of crucial importance in crisis situations and I have this support at a full capacity. I always receive this support in similar situations. Therefore, I do not have difficulties in taking decisions promptly. Maybe this factor preconditions my success.

 Interesting episode from your life (business) that has changed your lifestyle.

During my service at Beeline, I would name its major project in Georgia – Beeline Guinness Record, when hundreds of Beeline clients and workers gathered at the Stadium and depicted a mobile phone. This was a very emotional project, where I got a lot of experience regarding team work. The main I understood is that, if you invest hard work, nothing is unattainable.

What are your strongest features as a businesswoman?

I think I am good at multitasking, as well as in negotiating. These aspects assist me tremendously in my working process. For many years of my role in the PR field, I have acquired the intuition to feel current trends and, even, what will be in trend tomorrow.

What do you receive from your employer company? What makes your company interesting?

I have been working for Beeline company for 6 years. My job is the best for my career promotion, because Beeline, as an innovative company, understands new technologies very well as well as the permanent changes in digital works. Consequently, the company understands that my performance should be updated and revised jointly with this continuously changing world. My efforts should comprise both traditional forms of PR and new digital spaces and fields.

 What factors create major discomfort in working process?

Bureaucratic details generate major discomfort in working process. I understand very well that agreements, payments and other procedures are related to complicated procedural norms and they must be protected to meet legal standards, transparency of company and other aspects. Despite this, filling out various forms and scrupulous details are very boring and inefficient.

 Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

I think I will work in the PR field again and try to share my experiences with new generations and assist new startups in achieving success.