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Brand History – Techno Boom

TechnoBoom company was founded on March 3, 2010. The company makes a key accent on wholesale and retail sales of household appliances, computer equipment and cell phones, TV sets, audio and video systems.

On May 20, 2010 the company opened two stores – in Tbilisi and Batumi. On July 12, 2010 the Boom’s wholesale center opened at the 13th kilometer of Aghmashenebeli Alley and, for the first time in Georgia, our citizens got access to a wide range of products to buy desirable equipment under the lowest price guarantee.

In 2011 three other stores opened in the following regions: Gori, Zestaponi and Kutaisi.

Today, TechnoBoom company owns 15 stores all over Georgia.

TechnoBoom company has a special history of foundation. According to the company management, Saakashvili’s Authorities illegally expropriated ElitElectronics, the leading company on the equipment market, from the company founder Anzor Kokoladze. The company management did not endure this illegal action and about 200 persons left the company. The idea of a new company foundation arose in this way and TechnoBoom was created on this enthusiastic wave.

Name and Logo of the company were dictated by the same factor. The new company was to bring boom and noise on the market.  Therefore, we have taken the name and logo as a symbol of explosion and huge novelty – a wide choice of global brands and the lowest prices – key strategy of the company.

The brand succeeded thanks to the experienced team, which carried out valuable and correct management, as well as thanks to devotion and support by entrepreneurs and consumers.

The company has faced many difficulties during its history. The company representatives noted that the success of TechnoBoom irritated Saakashvili’s Authorities, because  TechnoBoom became a major competitor for illegally expropriated ElitElectronics. Therefore, the Finance Police continued obstructive activities against TechnoBoom, however, after the power change the company got rid of state pressure and renewed development.

TechnoBoom company offers a wide choice of products and the world’s famous brands, renewable assortment – with one-month guarantee of the lowest price. TechnoBoom is famous for special campaigns, amazing prices and gifts.