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Brand History – KULA

KULA brand launched operation on basis of Gori cannery in 2008. The company produces several products.

Idea, how it started – Georgia is an agrarian country, where ecologically clean fruits grow. Therefore, we have decided to manufacture products with advantageous quality and natural ingredients. We have long mulled over where to arrange the plant and, finally, selected Shida Kartli Region for strategic reasons. This region is located in the middle part of Georgia and we are able to accept fruits from any region. Initially, we were producing only juices, later, we started production of wild plumbs, jams, stewed fruits, salads and pickles.

Tireless job of the whole staff and management has brought this success to our brand. As a result,  both Georgian and foreign consumers perceive KULA  as a company producing ecologically clean products of natural raw materials.

Main Challenges in the Brand Establishment Process – We launched production after the 2008 Georgia-Russia war. Global economic crisis broke out in the same period. Those two processes created the heaviest problems that we had to overcome at the beginning of our production. KULA  was not a famous brand and we had to perform huge job to make it perceptible among consumers. Key objective was to draw consumers to taste our products and then our products were making self-advertisement.

Our Logo consists of two parts – Name of Latin Letters and Ladybird. Ladybird is associated with nature. It does not touch fruits with pesticides and chemicals. We also make our products of ecologically clean fruits. As to the brand name, KULA is a drinking vessel with a long throat and round belly. The drill of its throat gradually broadens  and generates the sound of burbling  in the drinking process.

Why KULA? – We care for products quality on permanent basis. Since the inception, we have never made compromises in terms of quality. Our clients are sure that they buy natural products without any food additives, emulsifiers and genetically modified bodies. These factors stress the advantage of our company.