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Biodegradable Bags Will Now Produce in Georgia

Company Plastic Production, polyethylene production plant, was put into operation.

The plant owned by the company is located in Adjara, where polyethylene biodegradable bags are manufactured. The company is the first in Georgia, which has offered air-bubble, packaging tapes.

The management expects replacement of import due to the high quality and competitive prices.

“The company entered the market early 2016 and we already have large volume of orders. The banks are also necessary for non-brand food-staff and marketing products. The new devices enable us to produce plastic, which is fully biodegraded in the soil within 12-24 months. This differs the company from other manufacturers,” says Mirza Svanidze, executive manger of the company.

According to him, realization of air-bubble, packaging tapes is planned in the neighboring countries. Namely, Azerbaijan and Turkey’s Black Sea coast, where the air-bubble tape plant is 800 kilometers away. The plant, which is totally automated, employees 12 persons.