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Belarus Supermarket Chain Bulbash Opened in Tbilisi

Belarus food supermarket chain ”Bulbash” opened in Tbilisi. The director of LTD Valley Plus, Pavle Gogotishvili states, that they decided to open ecologically healthy, Belarus bio product markets. Bulbash is represented with two branches at this stage. As he says at commersant, it is planned to open around 10 stores in Tbilisi, and then entering in regions, like Gori, Kutaisi and Batumi.

”We have an agreement with Saushkin milk group of enterprises, which is the largest in Europe, also with various meat enterprises. Our production is ecologically clean, does not consists spreads, emulsifiers; contains bio bacteria, that’s why we attract clients,”- says Gogotishvili.

According to him, prices are affordable for customers. The first market launched at the beginning of July and they’re content with feedback.

For more results, it’s important to make a better network and set up logistics, which takes some time.

”Our products are higher quality, than our competitors, among them Georgian producers ”Sante” and ”EcoFood”, while our price politics are the same. The quality of product in communism era, that’s what is still remained in Belarus and we import that”

Half million GEL has invested in improving network. Opening supermarkets was arranged as a result of Georgia-Belarus co-operation.