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The BeepCar Ridesharing Debuts in Georgia

BeepCar, the ridesharing service, has been officially launched in Georgia. BeepCar is designed to facilitate ridesharing for long-distance trips across the country and to other countries.

The developers believe it can increase the inflow of tourists to Georgia and become a cheaper alternative to trains, intercity buses, and airplanes.

BeepCar provides passengers with a cheaper way to travel, while allowing drivers to share their fuel costs and find company for the trip.  Trip fares are paid in cash. The app is free-of-charge for both drivers and passengers.  BeepCar has the potential to become a cheaper alternative means of transportation for people traveling in Georgia. Bus and train tickets from Tbilisi to Batumi cost approximately 25 lari; a taxi ride costs 250 lari, while the recommended fare for a BeepCar trip is just 18 lari.

“Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other Georgian cities are well loved among CIS tourists. In just a single year, the number of people spending their vacations in Georgia increased by 24% (according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, January-April 2017). BeepCar is growing rapidly, and we are convinced that launching the service in Georgia will promote tourism. It is our mission to provide vacation planners with another option to reach their destination with more comfort, and at a lower cost. It is essential that the service can get you virtually anywhere in Georgia,” says Anna Artamonova, BeepCar CEO.


BeepCar is a ridesharing service enabling drivers to offer vacant seats in their cars, and passengers to search for available seats on the route. Fellow passengers share fuel expenses, which makes the trip cheaper for both the driver and passengers. BeepCar was launched in February 2017. The service has monthly audience of more than 5 millon people (internal statistics, May 2017).  The apps are available for both iOS and Android, and there is also a web version. In addition to Georgia, BeepCar works in 19 other countries: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan.