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Schirnhofer to Open First Brand Store on Vazha-Pshavela Avenue

Austrian Meat Product Company Schirnhofer to Open First Brand Store in Tbilisi

A brand store of Schirnhofer will officially open at Vazha-Pshavela Avenue N7 in Tbilisi, at 15 o’clock on March 14, 2017.

Besides Tbilisi residents’ favorite sausages, the store will also trade in meat and cheese delicacies. Moreover, the store will also offer a wide option of bread baked by Austrian flour and technology on the spot.

Specially for this day, Schirnhofer representative Mr. Alois Kaiser and bread technologist Mr. Werner Kubli will visit Tbilisi. Austrian ambassador in Georgia Mr. Arad Benko and Tbilisi Vice Mayor Irakli Lekvinadze will attend the presentation.

Opening the first brand store is an important event for both Georgian market and Austrian party. Local investments of about 0.5 million USD has been put in the enterprise and about 20 new job places have been created. Several other brand stores of Schirnhofer will open in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia in the near future.

About Schirnhofer company:

In 1926 Ioseb Schirnhofer founded a meat product manufacturing company in the city of Kaindorf, Austria. His son Karl Schirnhofer, jointly with the mother, launched sausage production in 1950. In a short period, the company grew into a major company. Starting 1992 the company is being managed by junior Karl Schirnhofer.

Schirnhofer company is located in the middle part of Austria – Styria, the ecologically cleanest region. The company has been manufacturing more than 600 delicacy sausage products for about 100 years. The company uses only domestic Austrian meat in production.

In Austria Schirnhofer cooperates with 630 farmers. Strictest quality control starts from these very farms. The control is carried out by ultramodern technologies and laboratories at all stages of production. Schirnhofer has upgraded production quality to a new level. That’s why the company deservs consumer trust in European countries and Georgia.

Schirnhofer has obtained IFS (International Food Standard) certificate that carries out continuous control of products.

The company partners are:

Since 2003  : Vier Pfoten

Since 2004 :  Greenpeace

Since 2005 : Kroswang

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