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“Ardi “- the Youngest Leader on the Georgian Insurance Market

The youngest leader of the Georgian insurance market –  the insurance company “Ardi” took  leading positions in the last year not only by written  premiums, but amount of claims which  constituted  GEL 15 million  over the past year.

In 2014, ARDI has paid claims worth  GEL  10 million in medical insurance; more than GEL 1.7 million-  in auto  insurance;  nearly GEL 2 million –   financial risk insurance.

Armaz Tavadze, “Ardi” founder, says one of the main criteria for the evaluation of the insurance company is  a  volume of reimbursed damages and flexible, simplified and fair procedures of reimbursement.

Tavadze notes that 2014 was a good year for the company with its subjective and objective challenges. In his words,  despite rapid growth, “Ardi”  has to  consider  the current situation.

“We do not compromise at the expense of quality, so we chose  a hard way”, – says Armaz Tavadze.

In 2015 the company expects a 12-15% growth  and plans to introduce several new products .

Fighting for positions in ratings is not “Ardi’s” purpose. The company has the ambition to be the most high-quality, effective and fair.

We are involved only  in insurance business, which means that we are not tied to any bank, pharmaceutical companies or other business group, for which insurance is just an additional activity.

We believe that it is the right business model. In five years, the company has created a good foundation for further development. We have very exciting plans for the future improvement of service quality “, – “Ardi ” founder notes.

In 2014 medical insurance sales increased by 12%, compared to 2013 and exceeded GEL 12 million; corporate and retail insurance sales increased by almost 20% and reached  GEL 2.6 million; financial risk insurance grew 18%  and amounted to GEL 3 million.