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Archi Group assessing real estate business for 2014

Real estate business developed quite sizably in 2014, although considerable price growth was not recorded. As long as demand remained very high, supply increased adequately, which did not cause dramatic price growth. We can say that prices rose by only 5-10%.

Customers became more cognizant, they already pay attention to reliability, quality, and look for legal issues very carefully.

There is a trend of selling renovated apartments, so we are approaching standards of EU market, our motto is “Your European house”.

Archi Group is among one of the first companies to take quality construction and ecology seriously. We offer our clients European quality apartments and all of the following projects will be fully finished with complete renovations.

Every leading developer company, including ours, tries to use energy-efficient materials during construction. We use German energy-efficient blocks – Ytong – which are ecologically clean and with their energy efficient features, they reduce energy costs by 40%.

We will start no less than three projects in 2015, large scale constructions are starting in Saburtalo and Didi Dighomi. Archi Group implements construction projects in almost all districts of Tbilisi. Large-scale projects are underway in the center of the capital. Total coverage area will be 60 000 square meters.

“I think constructions will rise in near future, but prices will remain the same. As for the consumer segment, according to the political situation in Russia and Ukraine, residents of these countries will refrain from buying houses. I think the political situation will soon stabilize and consumers will come back to the Georgian developer market.