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APM Terminals Does Not Refuse on Modernization of Poti Port

APM Terminals Does Not Refuse on Modernization of Poti Port

Despite the cargo reduction in Georgian corridor, APM Terminals does not refuse on expand plan of Poti Port.

The company regards, that “expand and modernization of Poti Sea Port  is the best and the most effective way, which will help Georgia to keep links with global trade”. The company considers, that investment of $250 million should be made, but current economic environment should be envisaged. The reality must be envisaged by the investors of “Anaklia Port”, competitor of “Poti Sea Port”.

“As for Poti Sea Port, our main goal is improvement of logistic chain, which will support trade via Georgia. However, we should envisage current economic reality. In addition, if future investments cause growth of bandwidth, profitability will be under the control. Therefore, yjr examples confirm that investments in such construction as the new port might become the useless monument”, – Marika Nadaria, head of Poti Sea Port declares and notes, that APM Terminals will announce tender in full compliance of transparency and professionalism.

As for cargo, APM Terminals note, that there is not any positive changes to this direction in this year. Georgian Sea Ports have processed 1,2 million t cargo in January, at that Georgian Sea Port – 0,4 million t cargo and 18 961 TEU containers.

“Not to mention low cost of oil, a significant devaluation in Azerbaijan and depreciated Georgian lari, had a negative influence on each consumer in Georgia. At the same time, abolishment of Iranian sanctions had an impact on the freight flow via Georgian Sea Ports”, – Marika Nadaraia explains.

As GBC reported in the previous year, the first level of the project of Mega Port of Poti envisaged construction of two berths, which length should be 300 m, while depth – 14 m, as a result of the project Poti Sea Port should be able to process 1 million TEU containers. The project should be finished within 30 months.