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Georgian wine in china

Another Georgian Wine House Opens in China

The Georgian Wine House was unveiled in the Chinese town of Lishui, the Zhejiang Province.

Maia Tskitishvili, a special representative of LEPL National Wine Agency of the Georgian Agriculture Ministry to China, attended the wine house inauguration ceremony jointly with a Georgian delegation.

The Georgian Wine House was unveiled by Suolun company and it is the second one for the past 7 months opened by this company in China. Chinese distributors, dealers and media representatives attended the wine house introduction ceremony. Suolun company director general Mr. Isiao Dziunu introduced Georgian wines to the guests and talked about the importance of Georgian Wine Houses in China.

By the end of 2016 Suolun company will open 60-80 Georgian Wine Houses across China. The Georgian wine popularization will be carried out along with introduction of the Georgian culture and history. It should be also noted that the company plans to open the Georgian wine school in the town of Yiwu.

Maia Tskitishvili held working meetings in the town of Yiwu and received information on Suolun company plans for popularizing Georgian  wines. The agency representative also met with Mrs. Cristal, the director general for the Bonded Logistics Center of the town of Yiwu and discussed the issue of allocating free of charge storehouse space for Georgian wines as part of the Chinese government project.

The Zhejiang Province is populated by 55 million persons. The town of Yiwu is famous for its fair for imported goods. This province accumulates 50 000 imported products from 90 countries and regions.

The year of 2015 was especially important for growth in Georgian wine exports to China. The extreme rise in exports in the beginning of 215 was maintained up to the end of 2015 and the annual upturn marked 122%. Georgia has exported 2 672 154 bottles of wines to China in 2015.