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Mariam Arevadze

AF – Best Advisor in Advertising Field

AF advertising company was founded in 2013. Initially, the company took efforts in outdoor advertisement segment, while currently the company provides indoor and outdoor advertising services.

Big letters, lightboxes, indoor and outdoor interior, printing, typography and all kinds of advertising services. The company owns its own enterprise and everything is made on the spot. The company provides high-quality services and attains top results.

The company has performed many major projects and it cooperates with many leading brand organizations. All these factors guarantees top quality services.

Main motto of the company is: “Your Business is Special, Their Attitude is Individual”. Based on customer’s requirements, creating top-level products is one of the key priorities of the company.

Interview with Mariam Arevadze, head of marketing department of AF advertising company.

– What is advertisement? How do we perceive it and what is its purpose, in general?

-To put simply, advertisement is one of the forms of delivering products to the society – all entrepreneurs are interested in delivering their own products to consumers. This is a very complicated process, because consumers, as a rule, consider all novelties critically. Only 10-25% out of 1000 consumers may be interested in a certain product, but in this case the mentioned figure may vary due to type of products.

American publicist Vens Pakardi has formulated the essence of an advertisement in this way: “Advertisement is Art to Take Aim at Head and Strike at Wallet”.

Opinion of Franklin Roosevelt is also very interesting: “If I could start my life anew, I would devote my life to advertisement”.

Advertisement is a purposeful informational impact on consumers. This is a paid form of communication. First of all, it is an instrument to assist consumers to have their own opinion, views and make choice based on the mentioned factors.

Today, advertisement is considered to be the most important component of marketing. It is a market competition instrument. In contemporary society advertisements are considered as Sales Stimulator.

Objective of the advertisement is to popularize product or idea and promote their sales. It promotes upturn in sales, provides consumers with information about parameters, prices, rules of use and places of distribution of products.

-What sort of advertisements are practiced in contemporary world?

– Advertising business was developed in the process of struggle for markets and in seeking maximum profits. As a result, today advertising projects are implemented due to plan – it fosters shaping requirements of young people. It is worth noting that advertisement stresses high quality of this or that product, makes accents on its unique character and signs, draws consumer attention and offer in advance, before purchase deals. Therefore, repeated advertising mechanism is frequently used to make effect on consumers.

-How are advertisement activities carried out?

-As a rule, special firms and agencies, divisions of enterprises and trade companies, publishing departments of major companies and other advertising divisions implement advertising activities. It  is worth noting that advertising mechanisms were growing, broadening and becoming more valuable along with development of technologies. Advertising agencies are independent enterprises that enjoy rights of legal entities. Main scope of their activities is: developing advertisement concept, management of advertisement distribution process. They make focus on full services for clients, the so-called planning of advertisement, preparing an advertisement and conducting a complex of distribution works. The advertising agency determines  projects and submits a list of costs to the customer and these factors create a ground of signing a due contract agreement.

-When was AF advertising company founded and what was the purpose of its foundation?

-AF company was founded in 2013 as a materials importer company. Later, we decided to transform the company into an advertising enterprise to provide full advertising services. Since we are importers of materials to Georgia, we operate with minimum prices on the market. Our printing machines represent one of the priority directions and we do not need to act as a mediator company. Today we own 3 printing plotters (Epson dx 7); Orgmin machines. CNC router that is widely used for advertising activities, as well as digital equipment for printing works and we offer full advertising services to our consumers.

-What directions does the company make focus on?

-We provide a full package of advertising services and we offer any advertising products to our clients:

Indoor and outdoor advertising services

  • Big letters;
  • Lightboxes;
  • Printing services: banners, stickers;
  • CNC router services;
  • Printing  services;
  • LED screens

-What innovations do you have in the company now?

-Several months ago we finished rebranding process, changed logo, added a new product. We started assembling LED screens at our enterprises and they are widely used in advertising field today.

-What is objective of the company and, as an ordinary consumer, why would you recommend AF services to us?

-The company is staffed with young hardworking people with the scope on everyday professional development and advancement. In our company each employee knows the price of time and has a correct view of time management. Therefore, if you plan to carry out advertising activities, but have no idea of what sort of advertising products to supply to the market and how to make your advertising activities efficient, in this case we offer services of our company and we are ready to serve your needs every time.

AF – Your Best Advisor In

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