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A Limited Amount of Beer to be Sold in McDonald’s

McDonald’s starts selling a royal Bavarian beer Kaltenberg.  According to  Temur Chkonia, McDonald’s Georgia founder,a limited amount of beer will be sold in the restaurant.

He says  the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage will correspond to McDonald’s standards and the sale of beer to minors will be  regulated. Beer is sold in McDonald’s restaurants  in many countries –  some McDonald’s restaurants  in France even offer one  glass of wine. In Georgia beer will be sold in a bottle drive, and inside the restaurant – in plastic glasses. We’ll try to introduce a  culture  of beer drinking, – says Chkonia.

In his words, Georgia will be the fourth country in the world, among other European countries, where locally produced beer will be sold. Royal Bavarian beer Kaltenberg will go on sale in  all McDonald’s restaurants in the coming days. By the end of the year  5 million liters of royal Bavarian beer are expected to be sold in  Georgia,  the agreement also foresees export of tens of millions liters of the royal Bavarian beer made in Georgia to  Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The beer  is  produced on  the Georgian-German investments, and is the property of the Bavarian royal family.

“Around 3.200  million euro was spent  on the creation of the new enterprise. The brand owner, Prince Leopold Heinrich of Bavaria arrived in Georgia on May 23 to review the situation on the ground. The new beer is  of a very high quality. We have already purchased new bottles, labels, and new technologies” – Chkonia told CBW.

“The Prince’s family have brewed quality beer since 1260. Its quality is controlled personally by the Prince and his family. It is their beer, and unlike our competitors, its quality will be very high,”- notes  the businessman.

Royal Bavarian beer is brewed  only in a few countries, according to the standards specified in the Bavarian Purity Law   adopted in  the 16th century. The Bavarian Purity Law is the oldest food law whereby Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria passed a law which stipulated that only barley, hops, water and yeast may be used to brew beer.