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8000 Vintages Opened Online Wine Shop

Wine shop-bar 8000 Vintages, offers delivery service to wine lovers.The company already has an online shop which offers all wines which are in sales. You can choose the wine you want online. Marketing manager of 8000 Vintages, Nutsa Nadirashvili talks about the new service of the company.

Why did you decide to launch an online shop, is there demand for internet service?

We tried at our fullest to make the service flexible for the customers. Sometimes, it happens that people don’t leave their house but you can order the wine from our website at any time and at any place. We just started it and we will see how it will work out.

What is the advantage of 8000 Vintages?

First of all, our advantage is the variety of wines we sell. It is guaranteed for the customer that the wine they buy will be good. Besides, we have a bar and we offer wine in the shelf price. 

8000 Vintages is a new wine bar with a new concept, which was established in 2016 and it offers up to 500 kinds of Georgian wine. As for selection process, each wine passes secret degustation process before it is on the shelf of the shop.