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Types of Loans and New Webspace for Comparison

Nowadays the terms of finances and  loan  have become inseparable concepts. Finance sector offers a great number of crediting opportunities, including banks, microfinance organizations and companies, which offer fast loan services.

To realize the essence of a credit, its positive and negative aspects, we should first know their types.

Fast Online Loan – a specific product is very popular in Georgia. Online credits are issued in a simple way, in the shortest period and borrowers do not have to leave homes. Credit organizations issue about 1000 GEL loans to clients. This condition is very attractive, who want to resolve urgent financial needs as soon as possible. Maturity period is about 1 month and this factor alleviates credit payment process.

Interest-free loans  – In January 2017 a new regulation was enacted in relation to online credits for stabilization of state economy and market. A major part of companies were transformed into microfinance organizations and their interest rates were lowered. As a result, this specific product has become deficient on the market.

Interest-free loan  – a credit organization issues a loan and at the end of maturity period the borrower returns the sum. Despite this product has narrowed, some of the firms offer this service to clients anyway, because it is in much demand.

Micro Loan – this type of a credit may be represented in two forms. For example, in case of commercial banks, this product is used for entrepreneurship activities or small business. This service requires much time, many procedures and much money. For example, if you borrow 300 000 GEL loan,  movable or immovable property must be mortgaged as a guarantee, as well as various documents. As to microloans of small credit company, the situation is far simpler, because no extra documents and guarantors are required. Micro Loan  – small finance organization issue this loan without guarantee and it has the same value as fast loans.

Long-term loans – long-term credits comprise all types of loans that are issued for  a long period: mortgage, auto and student loans may be also mentioned in this category, because the maturity period of these products is about 2 years ( this depends on specific cases. For example,  maturity period for a mortgage loan is about 15 years).

Consumer Loan – implies a reception of money for personal purposes, including, covering financial liabilities, traveling, healthcare costs and so on.

Credy24 Services

Credy24 is a website that publishes information on Georgia-based online loan companies, online loan terms, including  long-term and  auto loan  conditions.

Comparison of conditions and loans enables clients to take reasonable decisions. Preliminary knowledge of information and its analysis will help borrowers in planning financial future.

How to Apply Website

  • Select the type of a loan and click the button “Click for Comparison!”
  • This page demonstrates the type of a loan, as well as the company (due to clients rating) that issues the loan and conditions. For example: whether the first loan yields interest or it is interest-free, the amount that you can receive from this company and the loan maturity period – the period for covering credit;
  • You can also choose a specific amount of money and maturity period, and our website will indicate the company with due information.
  • Have you chosen a credit company? – Click the button – “Get Money”

The website also comprises a section of news, where the website visitors are able to receive articles on loans and finances. It should be also noted that the website does not issue loans. It functions as a website for comparison of companies and is a source of information for those, who want to take fast online loans or any other type of loans.