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The Lowest Tariffs and 24 Hour Service – MiniCredit Plastic Card

MiniCredit has been providing fast and high-quality services for its clients since 2011. The company permanently cares for devoted clients and offers MiniCredit plastic cards to ensure their comfort. The card offers the lowest tariffs!

MiniCredit offers a 50 GEL to 700 GEL credit on MiniCredit cards, while clients enjoy decreasing tariffs for taking every new credit.

The plastic card owners also enjoy unique conditions and preferences:

  • Desirable Amount on Weekends too;
  • 24 hours for 7 days a week;
  • 0% commission fee for ATM Service
  • 0% commission fee for Terminal Service;
  • Mini Internet Bank.

The card is issued at  MiniCredit Café, a MiniCredit innovative service center. The asset is located at the hypermarket of Goodwill, Kavtaradze Street no. 1. MiniCredit Café staff provides valuable services to the visitors and offers various brands of coffee for enjoying.

At the service center visitors are able to:

  • Get Registered on MiniCredit.ge
  • Fill in applications with desirable maturity period and amount;
  • Select and receive a desirable design of the card free of charge;
  • Pay or prolong the credit via quick payment terminal;
  • Visit the service center for 7 days a week from 10 o’clock to 20 o’clock.

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