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TBC to Start a New Project with Young Artists

TBC presented a new project “12” designed with contemporary art. In the frame of the project, 12 designers of TBC new visa pay sticker were created, where different paintings by young artists are displayed.  These paintings were exhibited in “Fabrika” along with other works of artists.

12 artists are involved in the first stage of project. There are famous artists as well as beginners, who got a chance to exhibit their works for more publicity. Some of the artists created paintings especially for “12”.

“Project 12” is not a new initiative for TBC in terms of collaboration with arts; however it is new  in terms of format. There has never been presented such a wide collection on the pay sticker before. 

“An Art is a very subtle field and it is difficult to maintain balance between the needs of art and business, however we have a huge experience for this and we are trying to give an example to other companies with our behavior” – declared the director of TBC marketing, Nino Egadze.

In the frame of the project, webpage www.12.ge was created which was presented at the exhibition as well. There is information about all the artists participating in the project on this website.  Visual and textual materials are uploaded on the website and it gives information about artists and their art fully.

The ones who are interested can order any sticker with a chosen design directly from the website.  The project was implemented with the support of Visa Company.