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TBC Capital Company to implement 10 Million USD bonds Placement of Nikora

As a result of several months cooperation between TBC Capital and Company Nikora bonds were placed successfully. Bonds are worth of 10 million USD. At the local market of securities, this is the largest placement of non-financial group company at this time.

The term of Nikora bonds are 2 years, the annual interest rate of 9%. Finding investors, interest and bonds were carried out by TBC Capital. TBC Capital examined the company’s funding and market requirements within the project, in order to determine the number and price of the bonds.

“This is a very important emission for the Georgian market and we are delighted that with the help of our subsidiary company, this offer has been successful and efficient”, – said TBC Bank’s General Director, Vakhtang Butskhrikidze.

”We are glad that we supported company efficiently. We believe that investors’ big interest was due to the long-term history of the company Nikora,withth its leading position on food production, retail sales market and correctly defined bonds.We believe that placing this scale promotes the expansion of securities trade and activating other companies in the securities market in the future, “said TBC Bank’s Deputy Director, Giorgi Tkhelidze.

”We are happy to release our bonds successfully. The company had similar experiences in the past – last year’s supermarket network of Nikora .Holding issued $ 5 million worth of bonds. The issuance of new bonds will help us to be more flexible and diversify the attracted resources, “said Irakli Bokolishvili, general director of the company Nikora.

TBC Capital is a subsidiary of TBC Bank, which deals with consulting, research and brokerage activities. “TBC Capital” plays an active role in the development of the Georgian capital market as it helps institutional and strategic investors to use Georgia’s investment opportunities and on the other hand, offers Georgian companies various financial solutions. “TBC Capital” was founded in 1999 and concentrated on brokerage activities until 2015. From 2015, it has been added to research and corporate consulting activities, which was transformed into an investment bank.

Nikora “is one of the most successful food products producer in the Georgian market. It has been operating since 1998. Presently, the company holds meat products, semi-finished products, fish, dairy products, ice-cream, bread-cakes, salads, frozen confectionery products and has the largest number of supermarket chains in Georgia.

“Nikora” is one of the first among Georgian food producers to have ISO 9001: 2008 for many years; ISO 22000: 2005 – НАССР certificates.