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TBC Bank’s Special Consumer and Mortgage Loans Initiative

Starting today, TBC Bank offers the best possible conditions to its customers on mortgage and consumer loans. Those who take out a loan at TBC or unify their existing loans at the Bank will benefit from maximally lowest interest rates.

The special initiative will last until December 31. During this period, the Bank loans will be available on the following in the interest rates.

Mortgage loan in foreign currency, starting from:

  • USD 9% (fixed percentage)
  • USD: starting at 8% London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor)
  • EUR: starting at 8.25%

The effective interest rate:

  • USD: starting at 10,64%
  • USD 9.56% London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor)
  • EUR: starting at 9,83%

As for consumer loans, the interest rate in case of GEL will stand at 11.5%; 9.5% in case of USD transaction. While the effective interest rate will stand at 17.3% in GEL; starting with 15% in USD.

Additional information on the loan terms and interest rate and can be found at TBC web-site.