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TBC Bank Converted 40 Million USD Loan into GEL

According to deputy of TBC general minister, 40 million loans have been converted to national currency in both TBC and Bank Republic, which amounts to 53% of loans on the market. In the frame of dedollarization program, 3073 customers dedollarized their loans. 

Customers who weren’t enrolled in the state subsidized program decided to dedollarize their loans as well to avoid risks from unstable currency rate. 

“This program encouraged long-term dedollarization process which will protect families and loan holders from currency instability and decrease risks for banks. In spite of that, the interest rate will increase insignificantly which is a price for stability in the future”- declared Nino Masurashvili. 

 TBC bank communicated with its customers in different ways. Except a phone consultation, there were appointments arranged, where clients has an opportunity to get answers to all their questions. 

According to Nino Masurashvili, the second wave of dedollarization has already been launched in the country. About 100 000 GEL loan has been granted to customers. Masurashvili believes that until the end of the year, it will be clear how this process will effect on people.