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Price is Dropped on BGEO Shares

Prices of BGEO Shares Declined

Price was dropped on BGEO Group (BGEO LN) shares in London in the previous week.

BGEO Group (BGEO LN) shares closed at GBP 24.50/share (-2.08% w/w and -2.00% m/m). According to Galt & Taggart, More than 453k shares traded in the range of GBP 23.11 – 26.79/share. Average daily traded volume was 85k in the last 4 weeks, more than in the previous month.

FTSE 250 Index, of which BOGH is a constituent, declined 2.00% w/w and lost 6.08% m/m, respectively. The volume of BOGH shares traded was at 1.15% of its capitalization.