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Media Activities of Georgian Banks

In October 2017, the media activity of Georgian commercial banks took two directions. The listener and reader got acquainted with the direct activities of banks, ie financial sector, such as products, branch upgrades, banking indicators and operations, etc. 
On the other hand, the banking sector is actively involved in various types of events that are not related to its direct activities and are committed to corporate social responsibility, charitable nature, or even in political context.
According to the IPM survey, statistically, banking media coverage of banks over the past 10 months was estimated by 69% of the covered information. Non-banking activity by -31%.

In case of individual banks, interest rates are as follows:

                                   Bank activity             Non-Banking activity
TBC Bank                          59%                                    41%
Bank of Georgia               75%                                    25%
Liberty Bank                     70%                                   30%
VTB Bank                           71%                                   29%
Procredit Bank                  83%                                  17%
Kartu Bank                        63%                                   37%
Bank Republic                  90%                                   10%
Basisbank                          91%                                    9%
Pasha Bank                       50%                                   50%
TeraBank                          55%                                    45%
Progress Bank                 98%                                    2%
Khalik Bank                     79%                                     21%
Privat Bank                      100%
Finca Bank                       71%                                     29%
Credo                                97%                                     3%
Silkroad Bank                 100%
ZiraatBank                      100%
IsBank                             97%                                      3%
Bank Constanta             95%                                      5%
According to statistics, in the last 10 months, the most popular (50% of cases), according to the Positive Manifesto, Pasha Bank is leading. The second 50% were allocated to three banks: Finca Bank Georgia, Terabank and VTB Bank.

 In the 55% of negative response, Kartu Bank is on the top of the list and the remaining 45% is followed by three banks: Bank of Georgia, Terabank and Bank Constanta.

Author: IPM Research Media Monitoring Department