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Georgia Borrowed More by $484 mln in 6 Months than Paid

Georgia paid 702 mln USD for debt pay/ service in the H1 of the year, but borrowed more by 484, 3 mln. As of the statistics published on the web-page of NBG, the payments of 6 months, 2016 are as follows:

  • Governmental sector paid 117, 4 million USD and borrowed 137, 6 million USD in the same period.
  • National Bank paid 7, 9 million USD and did not take new loan.
  • Banking sector paid 326, 6 million USD and borrowed 440, 4 million USD.
  • Enterprises paid 111, 1 million USD and borrowed 239, 7 million USD in the same period.

As for intercompany loans, i.e. loans between the direct re-investors and own companies, 144, 3 million USD has been borrowed in H1, 2016. They paid 139, 3 million USD in the same period, besides 693 million USD has been brought in the chartered capital.

The numbers prove that the net change in the total foreign debt amounted to 208.7 million USD, envisaging liabilities (693,0 mln USD) transferred in the chartered capital. Thus, taking of foreign debt has exceeded by 484, 3 million USD to the payments in the H1 of the year.

As of the Statistics of NBG, the volume of payable sums amount to 4, 4 billion USD in line of 6 month data of 2016. However, major part of the sum is not paid and taking of new liabilities mostly exceed to the payments. To remind, as of June 30, 2016, foreign debt has made up 15 billion USD.