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Bank of Georgia University Launches Bachelor Degree For The First Time

Registration for united national exams started on February 23, 2017 and will end on March 31, 2017. Like the previous year, the registration process will be carried out in three stages, but unlike the previous year, matriculates will be able to indicate  Bank of Georgia university in the list if desirable universities.

Akaki Kheladze, Bank of Georgia university principal, talks about the details for Business Morning program.

Our university launched operation in 2014, but this year we will receive students for BA degree for the first time. This  year we offer BA degree in business administration that covers finances, marketing, management directions and this is interesting in terms of strategy, because we make focus on quality and we have determined optimal quantity in this respect. This year we will enroll 60 students and provide them with top quality education.

We want to make students not only field specialists, professionals and technical experts, but also develop due skills in them that will lead them to success. We also offer the subjects that develop logical decision-making skills,  develop various communication skills. We also offer individual mentoring and coaching services.

The gap between  theory and practice should be minimized, because this is one of the key preconditions for success and career advancement.

We have founded this university from the social responsibility point of view. The Bank of Georgia foundation finances leading MA degree students, about 30 students among 50 ones. We follow the same policy in case of BA degree students too.

No additional conditions are required for BA degree. Matriculates should just successfully pass united national exams, Akaki Kheladze said.