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Investment Projects List to be Implemented in Ajara in 2018-2021

Ministry of Finance and Economy of Ajara will implement new programs in order to strengthen investment process in Ajara.

Promotion of attracting investments in the region will be financed by 2 165 600 GEL in 2018-2021.

Ministry of Finance and Economy of Ajara informs: Investment current projects  in New Boulevard is worth of 520 million GEL. As a result, there will be 1700 new hotel rooms in the city and approximately 2600 new job places will be created.

List of current projects:

  • At this stage 12 investment projects are being implemented in the area of ​​heros valley, which amounts about 600 million GEL;
  • About 1,000 hotel rooms will be added to the city’s current projects;
  •  construction of  Batumi overpasses begins. The budget – 10 000 000 GEL;
  • The project of gasification of high mountainous region of Adjara is underway. The construction will be completed in 2018. budget – 15 602 540 GEL;
  • Ethno-village in Machakhela will revive traditions and culture in one space;
  • The project of picnic areas. The first phase of project design – 1 428 167 GEL;
  • The project of economic observatory is being implemented, aiming at economic data aggregation. Budget – 107 000 GEL. This project considers creation of the Adjara Employment Market and Economic Forecast Observation. As well as preparation of a general plan of employment market and entrepreneurship support system.
  • The multi-profile clinical hospital is under construction.

Minister of Finance and Economy of Georgia, Ramaz Bolkvadze, presented the programs of 2018-2021. The meeting was attended by governmental and non-governmental organizations, media representatives and other stakeholders.