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Georgian Mining Announced initial Results of Gold Mining

Georgian Mining Announced initial Results of Gold Mining

Georgian Mining announced initial mineral resource estimates for copper-gold sulphide and gold oxide deposits at the Kvemo Bolnisi. Georgian Mining said initial drill results showed an optimized in-pit mineable mineral resource estimate of 702,000 tonnes at 0.99% copper and 0.17 grammes per tonne of gold. Georgian Mining said significant opportunities …

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Bankruptcy Proceedings Underway in relation to Poti Airport


Bankruptcy proceedings were instituted in relation to JSC Poti Airport. National  Bureau of Enforcement has been appointed as bankruptcy manager. JSC Poti Airpot was handed to Government in ownership at the end of 2016. Before, the company was owned by RAS Al Khaimah Investment. The agreement on purchase of 98.26% …

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Wind Power Station Produced More Energy Than Predicted


Kartli Wind Station produced 6 540 000 kilowatt hour, which exceeds the forecast with more than 140 000 kilowatt hour. On 27th of January,testing status has been abolished and it has been registered as a qualified station. This means that electric energy system commercial operator will buy one kilowatt hour …

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Giorgi Kadagidze: 500 000 Taxpayers Sustain 3.2 million Georgian Citizens

Kadagidze giorgi

“500 000 taxpayers sustain 3.2 million citizens of Georgia”, Giorgi Kadagidze, the former president of National Bank of Georgia (NBG), wrote on his own Facebook page. Not very joyful mathematics: Population of Georgia – 3.7 million residents Workforce – 2 million persons Employed – 1.77 million persons. Self-employed – 1 …

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A Lot of Families in Georgia Buy Groceries with Bank Credit


According to the results of OXFAM research, every third family in Georgia does not have enough money to buy groceries. A lot of families buy food with a bank credit from time to time. The research revealed that average family income amounts to 575 GEL and almost half of it …

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BTK Railway Construction Complete by 95%


Construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway has been completed by 95 percent, Turkish media reported Jan 31. The railway’s Turkish section is being built under the supervision of Ahmet Arslan, Turkey’s minister of transport, maritime and communication. The BTK railway is being constructed on the basis of the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey intergovernmental …

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Canterbury to Dress Georgian Rugby Team


National Rugby Team of Georgia has a new uniform. Canterbury, a sport outfit manufacturer, will dress players of national rugby team of Georgia. Presentation of the new clothing will be held at Radisson BLU Iveria hotel at 18 o’clock on February 1. It is worth noting that by support of TBC …

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Estonian Model Challenges – Impact of Small and Medium Business Sectors

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The year of 2017 started with significant changes for business sector. Namely, Estonian Model of profits tax reformation came into force. The model introduction process generated various estimations from the side of businessmen, politicians, economists. Everybody agrees that the Estonian Model will genuinely bring positive effect onto business, especially, on …

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AF – Best Advisor in Advertising Field

Mariam Arevadze

AF advertising company was founded in 2013. Initially, the company took efforts in outdoor advertisement segment, while currently the company provides indoor and outdoor advertising services. Big letters, lightboxes, indoor and outdoor interior, printing, typography and all kinds of advertising services. The company owns its own enterprise and everything is …

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Eric Livny: Larization Program Cannot Ensure Economic Growth


Larization program cannot make influence on economic growth, ISET economist Eric Livny told the Business Contract. Restrictions of USD-denominated transactions will not bring positive effects. In several months GEL exchange rate will strengthen and in this case consumers should have option to choose which currency to use for transactions, he …

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