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Azerbaijan Weekly Market Watch

Azerbaijan Weekly Market Watch

Galt&Taggart Publishes Report on Main Developments that Took Place in Azerbaijani Economy Last Week: GDP down 3.8% y/y in 2016 Azerbaijan’s economy contracted 3.8% y/y in 2016, driven mainly by a 27.6% y/y decline in construction activity. Positive contribution to growth came from agriculture (+2.6% y/y), information and communication (+4.5% …

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179 Million USD Nuts to Export Abroad in 2016


Georgia exported 179 million USD Nuts which is 9% of the products exported abroad from Georgia. In 3 top export products, nuts occupy the second place. This data is in the results of Geostat research. In the list of the most exported products, copper and concentrates occupy the first place. …

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TBC Bank Emerges as Leader Among Profitable Banks


Ratio of two major commercial banks in total profits of Georgian bank sector is 67.8% (01.12. 2016 – 66%; + 2.7% m.m). Thirteen commercial banks of 16 ones finished the year of 2016 in profits of 696.7 million GEL (losses of 3 commercial banks marked 16.601 million GEL).

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Tsezar Chocheli’s Suggestions for Beginner Businessmen


«If all of you are so smart, why am I so rich?» Warren Buffett, the world’s one of the richest and famous investors, said once. Not only brain and zealousness suffice to earn much money and succeed in business. Smartness is also required, you should determine priorities, be self-confident and …

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Tbilisi Balneology Resort Sold


“Tbilisi Balneology Resort will become a profitable institution thanks to valuable management and private investments”, Ketevan Khurodze, director of Meidan Group, one of the owners of the facility, told the Commersant. Major investments will be made in the facility development, she noted. Having privatized the facility, LLC Ialoni has assumed …

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More than 100 Clients to dedollarize Loans in Commercial Banks

Factors Behind the Georgian Lari’s Depreciation

2000 loan holder contacted banks due to Loans dedollarization program. According to the latest data more than 100 clients dedollarized their loans. The head of banks association, Zurab Gvasalia declared that 5 days deadline was today concerning the message clients were supposed to get from banks. “If someone didn’t get …

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Today Banks and Construction Businesses are Competitors


“The separation  of banking  and non-banking activities is a necessity, banks must regain their  position of  business partners and  not competitors,” Tornike Abuladze, a member of the Developers Association and general manager of the construction company Arci said. According to him, despite the fact that in August 2014 the National …

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Edvex- Startup Which Offers Paying to Locate Ads on Automobiles


“Edvex” is an innovative platform which connects drivers and brands with each other. Any driver can locate Ads on their automobiles and earn extra income. Edvex mobile application will monitor how many kilometers the driver will pass and calculate the salary according to this data. As for brands, they will …

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