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Daily Archives: November 23, 2016

Daphna – a Bay Leaf Nymph


Everybody saw a bay leaf (or laurel) in his dish. But not everybody knows that a bay leaf in Georgian is “Daphne”. It was a nymph in Ancient Greece who met serious personal problems with Apollo. This story was colorfully described by a Roman poet Ovid in “Metamorphoses” poem: Apollo …

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Let’s Produce What’s More Profitable, Rather Then What We Love

Commercial director of “Agro Solutions”, Irakli Chikava.

Lately, the agricultural projects announced by the government stimulated the development of the agricultural sector. Consequently, it raised the interests of many local and foreign businesspeople in the agricultural business sectors. When stepping into a new sphere, it is necessary to get support from professional consultants  for making correct estimations. …

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