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Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council Inks Joint Declaration

Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council Inks Joint Declaration

The producers of energy resources, transit countries and consumers intend to develop and deepen prolonged strategic relations for reliable, secure and consistent provision of European markets with energy resources of Azerbaijan. This was stated in a joint declaration signed in Baku on February 29 following the Southern Gas Corridor Advisory …

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Georgian Wine To Appear on the UK’s market

Georgian Wine To Appear on the UK's market

 Georgian wines have never been widely accessible or well known in the UK. The Georgian Wine Society aims to change this, by making available the widest selection of the very best wines Georgia has to offer: those that are most popular, renowned or typical in Georgia itself; those that have gained …

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UN Office to Expose Georgian Qvevri in It Yard

Georgian Qvevri

A Georgian Qvevri will be placed at the yard of the UN office in Geneva in relation to the 70th anniversary of the UN foundation. The Georgian government plans to send a Georgia Qvevri (pitcher) as UNESCO-recognized an intangible culture heritage monument to the UN office. The official ceremony for …

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The World’s Most Extreme Dog Sled Patrol

The World's Most Extreme Dog Sled Patrol

An inside look at one of the most isolated and beautiful corners of Earth in the most unique way imaginable. It has to be the most unusual job in all of the military: Arctic dog sled patrol. Wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer was a member of Slædepatruljen Sirius (Sirius Sled Patrol), …

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Tbilisi – The City of Business Development

Tbilisi - The City of Business Development

“Forbes” Russian edition presented the rank of the formal Soviet Cities that is attractive for Russians for doing business. In the ranking, Tbilisi stays in the 9th position. According to Russian “Forbes”, 3% of Russians are having a business in Tbilisi. In 2011, Russian entrepreneur Igor Kriukov, opened Uzbek restaurant …

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TBC Capital Has two New Directors

TBC bank

TBC Bank has appointed Levan Shanidze and Avtandil Gigineishvili as managing directors to co-head TBC Capital, an investment banking arm of TBC Bank offering Corporate Advisory, Research and Brokerage solutions in Georgia. Both, Shanidze and Gigineishvili are highly experienced professionals, each with 20 years at global investment banking institutions in …

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Georgia-Belarus Cooperation Reaches New Levels


The Georgia-Belarus bilateral relations have reached new heights last period. The bilateral trade-economic cooperation is considered to have much potential. The cooperation is dynamically developed between Batumi and Brest. The Belarus party has expressed interest in organizing flights between Batumi and Brest in tourism season. Georgian ambassador to Belarus David …

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Sillhouettes: New Trend in Georgia’s Art Industry

Sillhouette Art

We are proud to introduce you one of the most talented and original team of artists and designers from Georgia. I am inspired by their creations and love hearing how they are making their handmade business work. This team operates under the brand name “Sillhouette Art”, having very unique items …

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