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Sales in Kutaisi FIZ Reduced due to the Currency Crisis in CIS Countries

Sales in Kutaisi FIZ Reduced due to the Currency Crisis in CIS Countries

The currency crisis in the CIS countries has reduced the sales in Kutaisi  free  industrial zone (FIZ). A partner of the Egypt-based “Fresh Electric” which operates  the industrial zone says that the devaluation does not affect them, because they are “tied” to  the dollars, bring  everything from abroad, and vice …

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Governmental Efficiency Quality Highest in 2014, World Bank Research Says

Does a Tandem of Bankers and MFOs Hamper the Country’s Economic Development?

The World Bank has published results of the long-term governance research, in which more than 200 countries are assessed according to six indicators, – Justice Ministry has informed InterPressNews. According to the research, Georgia’s indicators are all increasing. The highest indicators are fixed in the six categories in 2014. As per …

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Georgian Lari Starts the Week with Rebounding

Georgian Lari Depreciated Again

The Georgian lari starts this week with strengthening – as a result of today’s trade, the exchange rate of the lari has strengthened by 0.0027 points against the dollar and was set at GEL 2.3827. The national currency has gained 0.0009 points of its value against the euro and stood …

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Association Of Realtors: Housing Prices Fell By 15%


An interview with the head of the Georgian Association of Realtors Anna Jalagonia  – How did the lari devaluation affect the real estate market? – An impact  is certainly  great, but mostly it was not caused by the  lari depreciation , but by  the current instability in the country. The …

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Zura Japaridze Proposes To Fix Gel Exchange


An Interview with MP Zurab Japaridze, the New Political Center founder – What is your opinion on reasons and grounds that have inspired the GEL exchange rate devaluation for the last year? – The government refers to external factors. Naturally, the government is responsible for this failure, because they consider …

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Batumi’s Mtsvane Kontskhi or Green Cape Auctioned for 2.8 m GEL

Mtsvane Kontkhi

A new hotel will be built in Batumi’s Mstvane Konstkhi or Green Cape area. For this purpose, Batumi’s Ministry of Finance and Economy auctioned the 200,38 square meters settlement and the attached 14,803 square meters of non-agricultural land, as well as the 10,357 square meters of non-agricultural land. All of …

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Lyn Coffin’s New Translation of Knight in Panther’s Skin

Lyn Coffin

Tbilisi – New English Translation of the Georgian medieval epic poem The Knight in Panther’s Skin is released for the first time in 40 years. This is the first poetic translation within the 16-syllable Shire. The presentation of the work will be held in Tbilisi on October 9, 2015, at the …

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Know Your UN Millennium Goals in 2015


Everyone on the political scene is talking about the UN Millennium Goals. What are these exactly? Well, apparently, back in 200o the UN set some global goals for achieving before 2015. These are aptly called Millennium Goals and their deadline is coming up in December of this year. Between 25-27 …

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New Video Shows Hidden Beauty of Georgia [video]


The combination of dozens of breathtaking views have been knitted together to create a five-minute video that shows the hidden beauty of Georgia’s regions. The video featured Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi as well as many other gorgeous locations in different parts of the post-Soviet country. The piece was a joint …

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