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Young Barristers: Georgian Companies Ignore Corporate Responsibility

The association of Young Barristers has introduced the results of the monitoring of social responsibility, labor rights, foreign appellations, trademarks and legal status of Georgia-based companies. Salome Goglidze, a lawyer at the Young Barristers, says citizens prefer to purchase expensive things, products and other goods with foreign brand names with …

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Georgia Switches to Digital Broadcasting Today

Georgia will switch to digital broadcasting tomorrow. Currently used analog broadcasting is terminated at 10:00 tomorrow in Tbilisi’s broadcasting zone, which unites Tbilisi, Sagarejo region, Kojori, Rustavi and Marneuli. The same will take place in the regions in about 8-9 weeks. The switchover applies to the part of the population that …

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Greece Defaults

The country’s inability to pay its debt or reach a deal makes it the largest nation in history to be in arrears to the IMF. Greece’s missed payment to the IMF is a milestone—it’s both the first time a developed country has missed such a payment, and the first time …

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