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11 Clothing and Style Hacks for the Modern Gentleman


Every day you button your clothes, roll up your shirt sleeves, and pick out your shoes. But what if I told you the way you go about doing these things is all wrong (or at the very least ill-informed)?  From packing your suit the wrinkle-free way to keeping your rolled-up sleeves from unfurling, heed these 11 clothing …

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Georgia’s Agriculture Ministry Shares Results of Agriculture Support Project (ASP)

Deputy Agriculture Minister Nodar Kereselidze

Today the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia summarized its progress and accomplishments within the Agriculture Support Project (ASP), financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) The Deputy Minister of Agriculture Nodar Kereselidze, IFAD Project Manager Ms Durmishidze and Ministry’s Head of Reclamation Department Valerian Mchedlidze presented the outcomes …

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UN: India Will Be World’s Most Populous Country by 2020


Two years ago according to the projection made by United Nations, the population of India will surpass the world’s most populated country, China. The most recent updates from Wednesday, surprisingly, reported the change in rate is faster than expected which allows this change to happen by 2020, instead of 2028. …

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Eter Liparteliani Wins Third Gold Medal For Georgia

Eter Liparteliani

Eter Liparteliani Georgian judoka, defeated Polish opponent and gained the third gold medal for Georgia. It is worth mentioning that earlier today, Mzia Beboshvili won in the 52 kgs category against dutch Ilse Buren, thus gaining the second Golden medal within the Games. In Judo, Georgia has already gained three gold …

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Mzia Beboshvili Gains Another Gold Medal For Georgia

Mzia beboshvili1

Georgian Judoka Mzia Beboshvili wins another gold medal for Georgia. Mzia Beboshvili won in the 52 kgs category against dutch Ilse Buren, thus gaining the second Golden medal within the Games. At the beginning of the match Georgian athlete made a Yuko to opponent . Dutch sportsman bound third minute and earned …

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Georgian Govt is the Major Contributor in Hepatitis C Elimination Program

Guram Adamashvili

Guram Adamashvili, CEO of NGO “Position” gave feedback on the progress of Georgia’s Hepatitis C elimination program. “I believe that the elimination of hepatitis C program is very important because, the patients within this program, were given a chance to defeat the virus and recover. Major contribution should be credited to the …

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Georgia Joins EU Sanctions against Russia

Georgia Joins EU Sanctions against Russia

Georgia has officially joined the EU sanctions against Russia, a declaration posted on the European Council’s webpage informs. The declaration refers to annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol. As reported, six countries aside from Georgia have also joined the economic sanctions on Russia.  On 19 June 2015, the Council extended the …

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Hotels not Ready for the Introduction of Service Quality

Hotels in Tourist Areas of Georgia not Ready for the Introduction of Service Quality Standards

With the activation of the holiday season in Georgia, criticism of the low level of service in hotels and restaurants is also intensified. This season a low level of services and high prices are a particular  subject  of criticism. This is due to  the fact that so far minimum standards compliance …

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Windows 10: Our First Impressions of It

Windows 10

Are you one of those people who avoids using Windows 8?? Well, I was one of them. Going back to Windows 8, using a PC with a keyboard and mouse is awkward, frustrating, and outright confusing, especially when it’s all easy and smooth with tablets and touch-base computing. Well here …

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Bakuriani and Mitarbi Ski Resorts Making Major Developments

Bakuriani Ski Resort, Photo from Rati's School

Georgia’s iconic ski resort Bakuriani will soon undergo major infrastructure rehabilitation and development to ensure the alpine resort town can cater for the needs of growing tourist numbers. The new project will be carried out through cooperation of public and private sector and involves rehabilitation of the Bakuriani resort and …

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