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Road Closures: Rescuers Ask Citizens to Stay off Tbilisi Roads

Rescuers are urging people in Tbilisi to refrain from driving in the capital city today as it hampered recovery works and road cleaning efforts. Georgia’s Prime Minister said driving in Tbilisi today was “not safe” and he advised people to refrain from driving personal vehicles today “so the roads can …

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How Tbilisi Zoo Looks Like Now : IPRESS

Tbilisi zoo

After heavy rain, river Vere has changed its bed, Tbilisi Zoo territory is completely covered with water. Some of  Zoo animals are liquidated and are gone free. Disaster killed 13 people and 9 people are missing at this time. Photos are by Ipress reporter Aleko Sharvadze  

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Georgia Mourns Victims of Tbilisi Flood

Georgia is mourning the loss of a dozen people who died in a major flash flood in capital city Tbilisi on Saturday night. Churches around Georgia rang their bells at 12pm as part of the national day of mourning to honour the victims of the Tbilisi flood. In memory of the …

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Tbilisi Flooding: 14 Missing People Return Home Safe

Fourteen people who were reported missing after Sunday morning’s deadly Tbilisi flood have shown up safe and well and are now recovering from their ordeal with their loved ones. Officials initially said 24 people were missing after the flood but this reduced to 22 when two people returned home late …

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Traffic Routes Changed in Tbilisi due to the Flood

Due to the natural disaster that took place on June 13, the capital’s traffic routes have been temporarily changed. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the following restrictions are in effect: “The tunnel near Bakhtrioni Street is now closed to all traffic, as well as in the direction of …

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Aljzeera : Why did Tbilisi flood?

The flooding of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi was unexpected, sudden and made worldwide news, not least because it released a zoo full of wild animals into the city. Where though, could such an inundation come from? The River Mtkvari is Tbilisi’s main water artery and it divides the city, …

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Georgian Business can’t Create New Jobs

In 2014 the number of Georgian citizens employed in the business sector has decreased by 2.8%  despite the fact that according to official statistics, the unemployment rate has declined. The difference between these two figures shows that unemployment in the country is reduced at the expense of the self-employed and …

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Tbilisi Flooding – International Media React

tbilisi flooding

Zoo animals on the loose and deaths feared after Georgia floods Escaped hippopotamus shown cornered in Tbilisi square, as devastating floods reportedly kill 12 people and wild animals escape from city zoo. Heavy rainfall turned the Vere river – which flows through the capital – into a torrent that swept …

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