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PSP Decreased Prices for the Most Requested Medicines

From February 24 , PSP pharmacy network  decreased prices for the most popular medicines. From now on, prices of antipyretic, antiallergic, spasm, anesthetic , PSP pharmacy, analgesic, sedative and other medications of daily consumption are reduced by 20%. “We had intensive talks with our suppliers and despite the euro  and …

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IC Group is actively involved in popularizing healthy life style

Insurance company IC Group is actively involved in popularizing healthy life style. On February 22 Georgian institute public affair (GIPA) held a mountain skiing competition in Gudauri. Insurance company IC group and hotel Lopota awarded the winners with the special prizes. IC Group granted the skiers who took second place …

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Crowne Plaza Hotel to be Opened in Borjomi

Crowne Plaza hotel will be  opened in  Borjomi.  The hotel construction is carried out by “Dizon Limited”  included in the “Intercontinental Group “. A representative of the company states “Commersant” that the construction will be completed in the spring and the hotel’s opening is scheduled for the end of May. …

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GEL Devaluation Suspended Sales in the Real Estate Market

Real Estate

“Archi” Group” Director General Ilya Tsulaia says the company is suffering   sales decline. He estimates that demand decreased   30 percent. In such circumstances Tsulaia does not plan to revise pricing policy, because the company is already working on a low profit margin, although the company launched a new …

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Local Tobacco Production may Stop

Due to the growth of excise tax, production of Georgian tobacco company “Samgori 94” has fallen by 80%. According to the company’s co-founder Avtandil Tsereteli, in the near future a sharp deterioration of the tobacco production is  expected in Georgia due to the introduction of ad valorem tax since July …

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Georgia intends to take $500M loan for infrastructure projects

The Georgian government intends to take a loan in the amount of $500 million for infrastructure projects, Georgian Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure David Shavliashvili told reporters Feb. 23. He said that these funds will be spent for the construction of tunnels, bridges, roads and rehabilitation of the water …

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Why everyone benefits from making the law fair for women

Leveling the legal playing field for women holds real promise for the world—in both human and economic terms. Unfortunately, that promise remains largely ignored and its potential untapped. In too many countries, too many legal restrictions conspire against women to be economically active—to work. What can be done to remove these barriers?  …

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Vintage Awards Show Style

Take a look back at the icons who paved the way for the red carpet style setters of today. From Grace Kelly to Audrey Hepburn,the most glamorous moments from Academy Awards and Golden Globes of the past. Grace Kelly at Academy Awards in 1955 Vivien Leigh at the Academy Awards …

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MTPL in Georgia – a vital step to Economic and Social development

MTPL Georgia

Activating driver’s liability compulsory insurance is inevitable – AYFB Driving force of the insurance industry is obligatory insurance, Yet, in Georgia, such simple matters as easening vechile and other insurances to protect and comfort citizens are not resolved. In every developed country there are numerous such insurances.Obligatory insurance in these …

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