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“Lagidze Waters” Resumed Exports of Syrup to Russia


“Lagidze Waters” resumed syrup exports to Russia. On January 29, the first bitch of products has already been sent to St. Petersburg, the stocks in Russia will be filled again in the near future. According to  Tornike Lagidze, “Lagidze waters” founder, syrup will be initially exported only to  Russia. “We …

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Strong Dollar Hinders Export

Photo illustration of U.S. dollar notes displayed in Johannesburg

The U.S. trade deficit soared to a two-year high of $46.6 billion in December, mostly because of temporary oil-related shifts. Yet a stronger dollar and weak global growth likely played a role in curbing American exports. The nation’s trade gap jumped 17.1% from revised $39.8 billion in November, as oil …

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Kazakhstan Plans to Impose Embargo on the Import of Russian Goods


Kommersant daily reported that Kazakhstan is considering the introduction of restrictions on importing a number of Russian goods as Kazakhstani producers find it increasingly difficult to compete with them in prices. Importing to Kazakhstan is not strategically important for most Russian companies. However, such restrictions may threaten the economic integration …

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Armenian Importers Meet Carrefour’s Entry into the Market with Hostility


The first Carrefour hypermarket in Armenia will open in Yerevan, most probably, in the beginning of March, French ambassador to Armenia jean-Francois Charpentier told a press conference on Wednesday. Preparations for the opening will be completed soon, he said. Charpentier also said the management of the hypermarket will rather prefer …

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A Special Department to be Set up at Prosecutor’s Office to Restore Justice


The government decided to set up a special department at the Prosecutor’s Office to restore  justice and return the property to the businessmen affected under the previous government. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, by the government order, a new specialized structural unit named  a Department to  Investigate Offenses  in Legal …

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Employment of Foreigners may be Complicated in Georgia


Employment of citizens of other states can be complicated for foreign companies operating in Georgia –  this  is envisaged in a draft law on labor migration, initiated by the Ministry of Health and submitted to Parliament for consideration. According to the draft, the employment of foreign nationals will be possible …

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MiniCredit Café


MiniCredit Café, a MiniCredit’s innovative service center, has opened at the hypermarket of Goodwill, Kavtaradze Street  N1. MiniCredit offers services in entirely different environment. Starting December 29 clients are able to more conveniently use our credits. MiniCredit Café’s staff provides valuable services to the visitors, offers MiniCredit plastic cards with …

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Food Origins: Top 10 Food Mythconceptions


There are many dishes have confused its origins over the years. Interestingly, the French are the usual suspects. However, dishes’ names and their origins are not necessarily related. It’s like the origins of names: in some cases (and mostly in myths and tales) they may had something to do with certain …

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NATO Secretary General: Georgia-NATO relations are deepening

Jens Stoltenberg

The Georgia-NATO Commission meeting reaffirmed that Georgia is a very close and strong partner of NATO, the Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced at the press-conference following the meeting today. Stoltenberg noted that NATO-Georgia relations were very strong and were further deepening. NATO is committed to help Georgia make its …

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