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Demand for foreign currency loans increases in Georgia


As of February 1, 2015, Georgia’s commercial banks issued loans totaling 13.7 billion lari ($ 1 = 2.26 lari), which is 743.4 billion lari more than as of late December 2014. The volume of loans issued in January in the national currency increased by 3.5 million lari (0.1 percent) compared …

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Georgia intends to attract more tourists in 2015


Georgia intends to attract more tourists in 2015, than it was in previous years. Georgian Tourism Administration said the country will host three large-scale events in 2015: the European Youth Olympic Festival, the UEFA Super Cup and the Annual Meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). It …

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Tsarnaev will be judged in Boston


The US Court of Appeal has rejected a request by lawyers of the accused in the organization and execution of the terrorist attack during the marathon in Boston in April 2014, Jokhar Tsarnaev, to move the hearing to another city.   They have repeatedly appealed with the same request to …

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Smells Like 1930’s in Russia: Nemtsov’s Assassination in Moscow


Right-wing politician Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed in Moscow last night. Politician and opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was fired at four times (at least) and killed as he was walking on Vasilivsky Prospect with a friend visiting from Ukraine. These are the facts that became known last night, February 27th 2015 at …

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Ukraine pays Gazprom $15mn for 24 hours worth of gas


Ukraine’s Naftogaz has paid Gazprom $15 million for gas delivery. At current levels, the prepayment covers one day’s gas consumption and will be spent by Tuesday, Gazprom spokesperson Sergey Kupriyanov said. “Today at 9:20am MSK Gazprom received a payment from Ukraine’s Naftogaz in the amount of $15 million. At the …

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Commercial Gas Price to Hike in Tbilisi


According to the special manager of “KazTransGas-Tbilisi” Gia Benashvili,  revision of tariffs for gas will affect only legal entities. Gia Benashvili told reporters that  “KazTransGas-Tbilisi” buys 100 percent of the gas. “We buy the gas in dollars and sell in  GEL. Tariffs operating today were set in 2007-2008. After that, …

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Legal marijuana begins in Washington, D.C. as ‘green rush’ is on


Possession of small amounts of marijuana became legal in the District of Columbia on Thursday, launching a pot “green rush” despite a face-off between local officials and the Republican-led U.S. Congress over the new standards. The U.S. capital joined Washington state, Alaska and Colorado in making marijuana lawful for recreational …

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