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The richest woman in the world is …


Story highlights Nearly a quarter of world’s billionaires are women, with combined wealth of $930 billion Wealth-X has compiled a list of the wealthiest women in each region Topping the list in North America — and globally — is Christy Walton worth $37.9 billion Leading Women connects you to extraordinary …

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SOCAR Determines Auto Gas Price on the Georgian Market


Georgia-based auto gas networks speak about  SOCAR’s  monopoly on the Georgian  autogas market. Prior to this, only  small filling stations  talked about theabovementioned, but now the Wissol Group representatives say  that they are unable to determine the auto gas price in the country, the reason is the lack of suppliers …

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Top 10 movies to see in 2015


10. “Taken 3” – It actually comes out Friday, so aren’t you in luck. Yeah, I get it. Been there, done that. However, they’re able to keep the story fresh, at least what we have seen from the first two, and the trailer for this one looks promising. 9. “Black …

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Five new enterprises to open in Georgia in two years


Five new enterprises will be opened in Rustavi, Khobi, Vani and Abasha municipalities. The enterprises will start operations in two years from approval of the projects within the framework of the governmental program Produce in Georgia. The projects have been approved today at the Government meeting, reported Georgia’s Minister of …

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Kazakhstan’s GDP increased by 4,3% in 2014


Growth of internal domestic product in Kazakhstan for 2014 amounted to 4,3%, Chairman of Committee of Statistics of the NEM RK Alikhan Smailov reported today. “According to the pre-estimation, the GDP for last year increased by 4,3%,” Smailov said. According to him, the volume of capital investment in the RK …

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Mango Leaves Georgian Market


The Spanish retail giant Mango, with its stores located in the center of Tbilisi, is about to exit the Georgian market. According to Novo Group, the brand’s representative in Georgia,  the brand’s head  office has decided to close stores in Georgia  declining  to give any reasons. The  head office declared …

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Armenia Offers 60 Investment Projects to Foreign Investors


In the time period between January and September of 2014, foreign investors invested as much as USD 1 billion 501.4 million in the real sector of Armenia’s economy, from which 758.3 million consisted of direct investments. According to Armenia’s Minister of Economy, Karen Tchshmarityan, the main inflow of investments in …

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Private Labs Fear Monopolization by the State


Private laboratories working in the field of quality control of food fear the possibility of monopolization in the sector by the government – in particular, they have  claims to the state laboratories, which are either already working or will start working  in the future. Representatives of the business believe that …

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What should Azerbaijan expect from Europe-Russia gas war?

A worker checks the valve gears in a natural gas control centre of Turkey's Petroleum and Pipeline Corporation

Difficult political situation and the need to accelerate the term of implementation of the projects made the players of the European gas market intensify their efforts, and in fact opened a new stage of confrontation between them. We’re currently not speaking about Azerbaijani gas, the delivery project of which goes …

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