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World Bank cuts Turkey’s growth forecast for 2014


The World Bank has cut Turkey’s 2014 growth forecast while keeping 2015 estimates unchanged according to new data from the financial institution yesterday. “The World Bank lowered the 2014 growth estimate to 3.1 percent, but is keeping the 2015 forecast unchanged at 3.5 percent against the backdrop of improving external …

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According to preliminary data of Statistics Service, in November exports from Georgia decreased by 35% and amounted to USD 203 million, imports decreased by 7% and amounted to USD 725 million, which means that Georgia has the negative trade balance. Georgia buys goods worth more than it sells.  A decline …

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“Air” is Again Selling on Georgian Real Estate Market


A  practice of selling “air” (as-yet unbuilt apartments)  has  returned in Georgia. Mainly small companies are engaged in it, but the cases of sale of air by  big players have become more frequent as well – they are selling apartments  that are not built at a price 30-40% lower than …

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Airzena Criticizes the Government


General Director of the Georgian airline Airzena criticizes the government of Georgia and accuses them of violating the agreement. In particular, in his words, Russian airlines will be able to fly in the Georgian direction more frequently than required by the Russian-Georgian agreement. According to the CEO of  Airzena Iase …

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Gogi Topadze not yet Started Construction of Enterprise Complex


Businessman and MP Gogi Topadze  has not yet started building an enterprise complex. Topadze states “Commersant” that the issue was  not solved as talks about  the construction of oil, soap and milk processing enterprises in Kakheti and Kartli were held with the former Minister Shalva Pipia. So far, he has …

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mtavari foto

Production The winemaking trade is driven by seasonal factors. Over 50% of the produced wines are recorded in the fourth quarter. Hence, it is not expedient to analyze quarter indicators. According to the 2013 declared indicators, Georgia produced 183381 tons of wine (including households wines), up 12.6% compared to the …

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Azerbaijan prepares to borrowings on local, international capital markets


In 2015, the ministry of finance of Azerbaijan intends to explore the conjuncture on the domestic and international financial markets for placement of government bonds with face-value in foreign and local currencies. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev gave relevant instruction in the decree on the application of the law “On State …

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