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Google Pulls Out Of Russia


Google is going to close its engineering office in Russia Russian authorities have been cracking down on internet activity throughout 2014. In Russia, a new law forces tech companies to keep all data about Russians inside the country’s borders. Google has so far declined to comment. The government asked Google …

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FT names Apple boss “Man of the Year”


The Financial Times has named the spiritual and temporal leader of the fruity cargo cult Apple as its man of the year. Tim Cook, the FT claimed, was doing wonders for Apple and making it a less heartless company. Jobs’ Mob is actually starting to do all the things that …

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Tbilisi Mayor to Unload Traffic Jams in Tbilisi


Tbilisi City Hall wants to borrow Dublin’s experience in  environmental and traffic jams management.  The aforementioned is provided in the  Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Tbilisi and Dublin City Halls. For this, Tbilisi Mayor  has invited two specialists from Ireland who will  study  transport management system and make recommendations on …

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Substandard Apples not to be Subsidized in 2015


Next year’s budget does not include funds that are to be allocated for the Agriculture Ministry’s substandard apple sale promotion project.  According to the Ministry, the need to issue subsidy for substandard apples appeared after the number of apples of poor quality increased as a result of   natural events, hail. …

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Russian Rouble Reached Historical Minimum


In Russia ruble reached a historic low. According to local media, on  the Moscow Stock Exchange US dollar value increased  by 50 kopecks  and was set at  56.94 rubles. Ruble fell against  the euro  as well – the official  rate   of euro increased by 68 kopecks  and reached 60.58 rubles. …

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US pledges $30m to boost Georgia’s military support

white house

The United States (US) is offering Georgia $30 million USD in financial aid and a further $57 million to Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine collectively in a bid to increase US military deployments in Eastern European ally countries and offer more support to its partners.

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Russia’s Ruble Reaches New Historic Low


The Bank of Russia intervened in the currency market on Friday, after the ruble fell to a fresh record low against the dollar in response to falling oil prices, market participants said. The ruble dropped to 57.9860 against the dollar in early trade on the Moscow exchange, taking its year-to-date …

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Ardi among Leaders by Volume of Loss Payments and Premiums

1401970766_Ratings photo 2

The success and stability of insurance companies is determined  not only by raised premiums, but  the amount of loss payments. This criterion is often ignored  while evaluating the insurance companies and the main emphasis is done on premiums, while one of the major determinants of the company’s credibility and strength …

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