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With Obama’s Support, Police Body Cameras Could Become the New Normal


The Obama administration thinks body cameras can prevent future Fergusons and will dedicate $263 million to increasing their use by law enforcement agencies. The funding includes $75 million over three years to help police buy cameras, in addition to support for better training and oversight For people who support putting cameras …

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Coca-Cola Wants to Buy the World a Milk


Coca-Cola (KO) has already claimed its place in the soda, water, energy drink, and juice markets. Now the company is going after milk. The beverage giant is preparing a nationwide launch of a high-end milk, called Fairlife, in 2015. Unlike soda, the U.S. milk industry remains highly fragmented with few …

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The “Young Barristers” appeals to the Minister to revoke an order removing the status of the Sakhdrisi-Kachagiani monument


The organization “Young Barristers” presented a prepared research and recommendation proposals on the legal issues of Sakhdrisi-Kachaghiani monument, which prepared after studying of factual and legal issues of Sakhdrisi-Kachagiani monument.  The research of the “Young Barristers” answers all those important questions, which acquired in the society and still continues discussions …

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Turkey asks Russia for bigger reduction in gas prices


Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said the 6 percent reduction in the price of natural gas pledged by Russia is not sufficient, revealing that the relevant parties have directly approached Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase the reduction. “No one could envisage that Turkey and Russia could make such …

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Russia Is Losing The Currency Wars


The specter of currency wars once again haunts the international chattering classes. Remember back in 2011, when Brazilian finance minister Guido Mantega blamed the U.S. for deliberately weakening the greenback to gain a competitive advantage? Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. The Yen — an important regional …

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Georgian National Currency in Search of a New Equilibrium


Georgian national currency continues to depreciate – a process began in mid-November and continues today – the rate of the national currency against the US  dollar  was set at  1.84. The country’s authorities explain the decline in GELby a decrease in remittances from abroad, a decrease in exports, and some …

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In 2014, Georgia to Import about 90% of Wheat from Russia


Information about limitation of wheat exports from Russia creates problems in the international market, Georgian importersspeak about the possible dangers in this regard as well. According to the head of the Grain Growers Association Levan Silagava, the risk of rising prices for bread is associated not only with the decision …

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Cases of Power Cuts Becoming more and more Frequent in Georgia


Georgian State Electric System (GSE) refutes common belief that recently the cases of power failure have become more frequent in the country and says that the situation with power supply has not become worse. According to the organization, the number of large-scale system outages was about the same in 2014 …

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British tech-fund searching for the next Danish IT gem


The British-based venture capital fund AppIdea is looking to invest about 19 million kroner into Danish tech-startups as part of a concept that makes use of Scandinavian innovation and eastern-European program development. Mikheil Chkhartishvili, the managing partner and chairman of AppIdea, is attracted to Scandinavia because of the region’s creativity …

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South Stream construction thwarted, due to EU sanctions


Russia is forced to withdraw from the South Stream project due to the EU’s unwillingness to support the pipeline, and gas flows will be redirected to other customers, Vladimir Putin said after talks with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “We believe that the stance of the European Commission was …

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