Daily Archives: September 24, 2014

Government Actually Bans Land Sales to Foreigners, NGOs Say

Civil society has notes and question marks  with respect to amendments to the law  on “Agricultural Land Ownership”, which imposes new regulations on the sale of land to foreigners. NGOs are dissatisfied with  the government’s draft law and have claims against  the government due to the fact that civil society was not involved in …

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“White Group” Returned Seized Property and Updates Project on the Heroes’ Square

After  a one-year pause,  the construction of the residential building in the center of Tbilisi will beresumed in a few days. Works are carried out by theconstruction company “White Group” which  invested over USD 4 million in the project. According to the company’s chief executive officer George Gonjilashvili,  the company started construction in 2008, but in 2011 they were deprived of  property and t …

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Another Arab Airline Enters Georgian Market

From October 28, another low-cost airline “Air Arabia” will perform  flights from Tbilisi international airport. Flights will be fulfilled twice a week. “Air Arabia” representatives attended the International Aviation  Forum – Routes Silk Road 2014 on July 6-8 . They familiarized with  the possibilities of Georgian aviation, continued and transferred  negotiations with the Union of …

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In World Bank Updated Rating, Georgia still among Low and Lower-middle Income Countries

World Bank classifies the world’s economies based on estimates of gross national income (GNI) per capita (GNI per capital-Atlas Method). According to this indicator, countries are divided into four groups: low-income countries  with unites countries whose GNI per capita (Atlas method) is equal to or below USD 1,035: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda, Haiti, etc.); lower-middle-income countries whose GNI …

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