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Construction of “Hilton” Hotel in Tbilisi on the Verge of Breaking Down


Hilton Garden Inn brand’s project could break down and will no longer be built. Construction has been halted for more than 2 months.  The reason is a confrontation between the construction company “Redix” and residents. At this stage, the parties areattempting to resolve the issue through the court. Residents living in the area adjacent to the construction accuse “Redix” in appropriating theterritory owned by them. The company, in turn,accuses the residents of disrupting the construction. “Redix” founder Lasha Papashvili states “Commersant”  that if the court’s decision is not known in time, …

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There is a Shortage of Hotels in Georgia

There is a Shortage of Hotels in Georgia

An interview with Director of the National Tourism Administration George Sigua. Tourist season was officially opened in Georgia.Is the country ready for tourist flow?  Summer season is already in full swing. It is already July, and the summer season is approaching peak. With regard to infrastructure, the overall situation is satisfactory, although there is a shortage of hotels. An influx of tourists on the Black Sea coast is significant. On the …

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Gov’t Plans to Lease the Palace of the Romanovs


Borjomi resort  meets season with a renovated infrastructure-  10 guest  houses and a 4 – starhotel “Natalie” were opened, so at this stage  three  4 – star hotels,  five   3-star and  2-star hotels are functioning in the resort. According to a representative of Borjomi Information Center Arthur Stepanyan, , there is no change inprices in hotels compared with last year, an average hotel stay  for one person without  food costs  GEL20-30, while the most expensive service including  food costs  USD 110. As for the number …

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Drugs Prices Rise


According to the National Bureau of Statistics,  in May- April 2014 the cost of medicines has increased. As per statistical data, medical products and equipment hiked in price by 6.8% in April  while in May the rate reached 7.7%. Pharmaceutical companies refute price hikes in drugs on the market and doubt the …

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Fuel Prices Continue to Climb on the Georgian Market


Fuel price hike continues. From today, petrol price has increased by 0.05 GEL in the “Lukoil” retail network. “Euro super” price hiked by 0.03 GEL in  “LUKOIL” network and amounted to 2.30 GEL. “Euro Regular” and “Premium Avantguard” price increased  by 0.05 GEL and totaled 2.10 GEL and 2.25 GEL. “Euro Diesel …

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Budget and Finance Committee of Parliament: A Complete Ban on the Sale of Land to Foreigners Creates Problems


How much did you expect the Constitutional Court’s decision  on lifting the Moratorium on sale of agricultural land to foreign nationals?  The Moratorium was not a constant norm, it was a temporary restriction before the end of the year. The reason for this was a fact  that under the previous government there was no detailed information about how much …

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Government of Adjara to Take Care of “Emotional Comfort” of Population


Excessive noise in residential and public areasbecomes punishable in Adjara.  According to the decree issue by Batumi City Council, individuals or legal entities who own or use a restaurant, night club, cafe – bar, disco and other similar establishments should strictly comply with the permissible sound level  on the  adjacent residential sites from 12 pm till  7 am. The Environment Protection and Sanitary Supervision Department of Batumi City Hall  will provide a  strict control over the implementation of the requirement. The resolution says that the number of various entertainment establishments has …

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