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Businessman Temur Chkonia Plans to Spend 6-7 Million Euro in Samegrelo


Since 2015, all my work  will be focused on  Samegrelo region in the next several years. The businessman Temur Chkonia told”Commersant”. According to him, at the end of the year  “McDonald’s” restaurantis planned to open in Zugdidi and for this purpose  the businessman plans to spend about 3.5 million Euro. In his words, the “Castel” beer popularization  will begin inSamegrelo and  in the near future …

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Who will Suffer from Restrictions on Trade between Georgia and Russia?


What are the consequences of trade restrictions between the two countries, which Russia intends toimpose abolishing the free trade agreement? What processes should be expected, and how innovation will affect the activities of Georgian exporters? According to the expert Emzar Jgerenaia, in this situation Russian exports will suffer more, as Russiaexports to Georgia 4 times …

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Investor Denies Negotiations about Implementation of “KhudoniHPP” Project by the State


According to “Trans Electrica Georgia” technical manager David Mirtskhualava, the talks regarding the implementation of “KhudoniHPP”  project by the state have not been  held with the   company. “According to my information, talks on the issue have not been  held with  the company and investors. As for  the state’s participation in  the construction of any power generating  object,  I think that  the …

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“Kazantip” to Take Place in Anaklia in the Next 10 Years


Anaklia will not be a one-time location for “Kazantip” festival. “Commersant” reports that over the next 10 years, the electronic music festival is scheduled to be held in Anaklia. According to  Samegrelo – Zemo Svaneti regional administration, from year to year Anaklia attracts more and more tourists and it will be necessary to …

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Russia Suspends Free Trade Agreement with Georgia


Russia is suspending free trade agreement with Georgia. According to the Russian RIA Novosti agency, the Ministry of Economy of Russia has elaborated a draft about the suspension of the free trade agreement with Georgia. The agency says that on 18 July the Parliament of Georgia ratified an Association Agreement …

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Businessman Iakobashvili Starts Fight for the Return of Deprived Company in September

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Another businessman suffered during the previous governmenthopes to return the property. “Senta Petroleum” former owner says that a trial on  “Senta ” casestarts in September. Zaal Iakobashvili states  “Commersant” that a former Defense Minister David Kezerashvili  has forced him  to recede ” Senta” property. He notes Kezerashvili re-registered a  property for a symbolic price in 2011, otherwise the high official threatened the businessmen with jail  and a  deprivation of property without compensation. …

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“Society and Banks” – “VTB” Clients will not Face any Problem in Relation to Deposits and Credit Products


“Society  and banks” released a statement regarding the imposition of sanctions on the Russian “VTBBank” by  the U.S.  and the EU. U.S. and the European Union’s sanctions against theRussian “VTB bank” will not have a direct influence on Georgian consumers because “ VTB”  branch in Georgia is an  independent financial and legal unit. It has its own capital, which has been recentlyincreased by “VTB” shareholders. “Society  and Banks” believes that at this …

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Minister of Health has Questions for “ALDAGI” about “New Life” Clinic


Minister of Health has questions for the management of the  “New Life” clinic. “New Life”   clinic  is owned by “Avante Hospital Management Group” managed by the  “Evex Medical Corporation” which  , in turn, is under “Aldagi” ownership. “I am informed about the situation in the clinic. Several days ago, the clinic Director appealed …

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